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The Tunnel Penis Plug
The Tunnel Penis Plug
The Tunnel Penis Plug

The Tunnel Penis Plug

Elevate your passion with The Tunnel Penis Plug from BDStyle. Crafted for extended wear, this hollow cock plug ensures comfort, safety, and unrestricted urination.
Price 17.49EUR

Product Description

Indulge in thrilling urethral play with The Tunnel Penis Plug from BDStyle. This hollow cock plug offers a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to explore your passions with added safety and comfort during extended wear.

The Tunnel's ingenious design ensures unrestricted urination, providing peace of mind while indulging in urethral pleasure. Whether you're seeking to enhance your orgasms with the plug in or enjoy prolonged wear, this long-term penis plug is designed to deliver an experience you won't forget.

Made from durable and body-safe materials, this metal urethral plug is crafted to withstand extended use, making it the ideal choice for all-day wear. With approximate measurements of 90mm in overall length and 77mm in insertable length, The Tunnel offers a comfortable fit and a stimulating experience. Its varying widths, ranging from 7mm at the slimmest point to 12mm at the widest point, guarantee a versatile and enjoyable urethral play session.

approximate measurements

Overall length: 90mm

Insertable length: 77mm

 Plug width at slimmest point: 7mm

 Plug width at widest point: 12mm

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