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Two Way Penis Plug
Two Way Penis Plug
Two Way Penis Plug

Two Way Penis Plug

Experience male urethral never before with the Two Way Penis Plug. Shop this double-ended BDSM toy for intense fetish play at BDStyle.
Price 17.49EUR

Product Description

Share and explore profound intimacy with the BDStyle Double Ender Penis Plug. This exceptional pleasure tool brings partners even closer together, providing an up-close and personal experience for both you and your buddy. With an overall length of 100mm and a diameter of 7mm, the rigid design ensures safe and satisfying penis buddy play.

Both ends of this premium penis plug offer an insertable length of 43mm, delivering double the pleasure and double the excitement. The act of sharing becomes an act of caring, fostering a deeper connection between partners in moments of mutual ecstasy.

Safety and hygiene are of utmost importance when engaging in the pleasures of shared penis plugs. Remember to follow special hygiene precautions and communicate openly with your partner to make the experience enjoyable and worry-free.

Experience the ultimate pleasure of intimate sharing with the Double Ender Penis Plug. Whether you're an adventurous couple or a pair of passionate partners seeking extraordinary sensations, this versatile and thrilling cock plug will elevate your intimacy to unparalleled levels. Discover the joy of sharing with The Cock Plug Shop and embark on a journey of blissful pleasure.

Overall length: 100mm

Insertable length (both ends): 43mm

Width of slimmest point: 4mm

Width of widest point: 7mm


When you want to experience BDSM at a realistic price BDStyle Bondage Gear mission is to provide the best quality for the budget conscious. Whether you are after penis plugs or cock cages, there is a huge range for Chastity Players and Urethral Toy Experts. Even after some bondage leather wear – the vast stock allows plenty of choice. Check the entire range online now!!!

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