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Unveiling The Legal Responsibilities and Exemptions at Penis Plugs EU Store - Navigating The Legals

Products displayed and available for sale on the European penis plug site have been carefully selected to ensure that they are of the highest quality in manufacture and material. does not manufacture any products and can only assure that products undergo routine random quality checks to ensure that they are safe and as described. These checks are done as good as humanly possible but from time to time faults or defects may slip by unnoticed.

The owners of this site take no responsibility for death or injury as a result of the use of any of these products and the intended use is 'FOR NOVELTY PURPOSES ONLY'. If they are not accordingly used and potential injury or threat is at the users risk. All descriptions of product and instructions are provided by third parties or manufacturers and we do not condone or approve of any statements, descriptions or instructions provided.

When used accordingly the products on this site should be used responsibly, with consent and within the legal boundaries of the user’s state or territory. Sale of all these products is legal in the Australian and Irish territories – if users are outside these territories it is up to them to make their own inquiries as to the legalities of use and/or possession and importation in their territory or Country. No refunds will be given for goods seized by customs or other controlling bodies.

By using this site and purchasing product from it you agree that the maximum liability of RMV Management Pty Ltd in any suit, legal action for the sale of any product sold shall be the purchase price and postage charges of the item/s sold. In no event shall the directors, officers or employees of RMV be made liable for any damages indirect, special, consequential, punitive or exemplary related to the products sold or their use.


- It is a requirement of this site that all viewers are 18years of age and over

- (The vendor) will take no responsibility when products are misused once purchased from this site.

- recommends consulting your health care professional prior to using any products.

- If you have any allergies please ensure you read product/material description prior to making your purchase or using any products

- You (The customer) take full responsibility for any injuries that may occur as a result of using any products purchased from this site

- All purchases are designed to be used as per the individual manufacturer's instructions

- aims to provide a high level of customer satisfaction however we cannot be held responsible for delays experienced as a result of our mail service provider

- does not offer a satisfaction guarantee- individual results may vary with all products

- All advice, recommendations and resources provided on this site is that of personal opinion and manufacturer's information

- At all times we endorse safe sex practises, consenting sexual actives and play acting between like minded adults.

- Novices should enlighten themselves with safe words, safe environments and safe participants when learning the ropes.

- All international buyers must make their own inquiries as to the legalities of importing the product/s sold on this website or its use in their territory. No refunds will be given for goods confiscated by customs or other bodies.

- Should any claim be made against it shall be limited to the replacement of the cost of goods purchase and any post/freight costs incurred.