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Bulls Eye Penis Plug
Bulls Eye Penis Plug
Bulls Eye Penis Plug

Bulls Eye Penis Plug

Elevate your pleasure with the Bulls Eye Penis Plug from Hell's Couture. Experience intense urethral stimulation and explore new dimensions of desire with this bdsm toy.
Price 17.49EUR

Product Description

The BDStyle Bulls Eye Penis Plug is your ticket to a pleasure experience that hits the target every time. Designed for precision and satisfaction, this plug is crafted to provide you with all the pleasure you crave, exactly where you want it.

Constructed from Surgical Steel, this plug goes beyond pleasure – it's about maintaining your safety and hygiene. With an easy cleaning process involving boiling water, harmful bacteria are eliminated, leaving you with nothing but delight.

Safety meets satisfaction with the Bull's Eye stopper at its end, ensuring you never go too far. At 64mm overall length, 50mm insertable length, and 8mm width at its widest point, this plug promises an experience that's both exhilarating and secure.

Embrace targeted pleasure with the BDStyle Bulls Eye Penis Plug – your satisfaction destination.

Approximate Measurements:

Overall Length: 64mm

Insertable Length: 50mm

Width at Widest Point: 8mm

Hell’s Couture is a leading brand of bondage and fetish gear with a comprehensive range of penis plugs, urethral sounds, leather restraints, crops and punishment devices. Respected throughout the world for the quality and price. Get your kinky on by yourself of with your partner with the amazing products that often will astound you!! So get your FetLife happening now with this ultimate selection BDSM online.

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