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Cock Plugs EU | European Cock Plugs | EU Urethra is a site created for all those that are into or interested in urethral play. Whether you are into stretching and dilating the urethra with sounds or just enjoying the sizzling sensations created with the use of penis plugs you will find information and product that will satisfy your desires. (read more)
Why At this site we will provide information on safe urethral play as well as provide you with the highest quality product that will enable you to feel safe and secure that they product you are inserting into your body is of the highest grade, specifications and design.
All steel products displayed are made from surgical stainless steel so they are built to last, finished to a smooth shiny finish, easy to clean and can be heated or cooled for additional effect. Being stainless steel with proper care they will not rust.
We also sell selected aluminum and chromed products which are generally cheaper but we ensure that the products stocked are of the highest quality possible.
European penis plugs site is specifically set up to service all our European customers from Germany, Holland, Ireland, England, United Kingdom, Sweden, Belgium, France, Holland, Netherlands, Italy and other EU countries with their urethral play equipment. All heavier items are shipped fast and discreet direct from Ireland so most EU countries will receive their orders fast and discrete within 5 working days.
Lighter items are shipped air from Australia fast and discrete but may take up to 15 working days to arrive.
All products are either exclusively manufactured for Hells Couture the leading importer and distributor of all things BDSM Australia who specialize in surgical steel sex toys. You will find hundreds of different types of penis plugs and there is sure to be a cock plug that is the right fit for you. Now let's talk a bit about urethral sounding. Sounding can be an extremely pleasant approach to play with thoughts of penetration, fuck with sex, and experience new and hot sensations. It can likewise be effortlessly joined into all way domination play. The methods utilized for sounding aren't frightfully difficult, however there are some straightforward steps you can take to make it more secure and more safe.
Most importantly, get a genuine sound or sounding set. You're better off dropping a few dollars more on legitimate sounds than discovering something around the house that may fit in your urethra. Truly, I would not joke about this.
Second off, get some sterile surgical lube. The best as I would like to think is "Surgilube" and you can get it right here on Clean and flush the sounds well after every utilization. I play with different types, so I sterilize each my sounds with a extremely strong anti-bacterial toy cleaner, and afterward I do a speedy wipe with rubbing alcohol just before i utilize them.
On the off chance that you have a standard set, say a Hagar sound set, which are the most widely recognized, you'll presumably NOT have any desire to utilize the littlest sound as a part of the set. The littler the sound, the higher the danger that you could injure yourself (particularly at first) and cut the urethral divider, which sucks about as hard as it sounds.
Find the biggest size that you can put into your urethral with the least resistance and no inclination of extending. With Hagar sounds I most normally begin amateurs off with the third size up. Keep in mind in case you're use Hagar set that they are double finished, ordinarily with a 1mm contrast between sides, so that'd be the littler side of the second littlest sound.
Lube the initial few inches of the sound well, spread some lube around the meatus (piss opening). Being mindful so as to balance out the sound with your hand, put the end into the meatus, and precisely and tenderly aide it into the urethra. Initially do not push. Preferably you need to let the sound "fall" in. When it quits going in, concentrate on the experience and sensation, and afterward perhaps have a go at slowly pushing it in and out around 1/2 inch. As of right now you may need to take it out and re-lube the sound.
Once you're used to the vibe of having something in your urethra, which can take anyplace from a couple of seconds, to minutes, you can either go up a size if it is comfortable or do some urethral masturbation.
In any case, you'll likely need to use even more (delicate) power to embed the sound or push it further in. This may be uncomfortable at first. You may feel weight, or a blazing sensation and this is really ordinary the first few time. What you DON'T need is any sharp pain or the inclination that one spot hurts *more*, particularly at the tip of the sound, this is a major cautioning sign from your body and you have to tune into it.
So as to take a sound in deep, you may need to discover the right point of your penis and right angle of your body for the urethral entry to be helpful for sounding once the sound passes the base of your penis. You additionally may discover on account of Hagar sounds specifically, that the sound needs to pivot around its hub to proceed more.
You for the most part don't need to stress over entering the bladder (which you would prefer not to do) as long as you don't push when you meet resistance this should never be an issue. You can simply check how deeply the sound is by feeling for the end between your legs along the perineum. In the event that the sound goes all the way into your penis, particularly in the event that you are somewhat blessed by the gods with a huge cock, its nothing to stress over. You can simply recover it by discovering the base end either at your perineum or along your dick and pushing up from that point.
There's a decent risk you'll have some blazing pee sessions for a couple of hours or even days the first couple of times, this is ordinary, as is conceivably a touch of blood, especially when you're new to sounding. On the off chance that you have a release, fever, or cramping, go to your doctor. If your inclined to urinary tract diseases, this may not be the play that is suited for you.
Once you're acclimated to and are agreeable with the entire thought of sounding, you can begin exploring different avenues regarding stroking off with it in, or utilizing the sound particularly for sensation or torment play. Applying weight to the outside of the urethra for case with the sound set up is an extraordinary approach to include some torment both in the occasion, and later, as it will be more inclined to blaze amid later pee. You can likewise "fuck" your penis with the sound. Utilize short movements, and be exceptionally cautious, particularly if the sound is thin in diameter.
Ejaculation by stroking off your penis with a sound is described as coming inside out and is a unique experience and sensation. Sounding is for the most part on the safer end of the kink/BDSM range. Play safe and have a ton of fun from!