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Beginner's Urethral Trainer

BDStyle Surgical Steel Urethral Trainer Is A Penis Plug That Is Solid And Used To Insert Into Your Pee Hole Up to 80mm!

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Product Description

This is the perfect plug to start your urethral training.  The tapered shaft will allow you to learn to dilate the urethra without pain or undue stretching.  Using it will still allow you achieve an orgasm triggered from urethra play whilst not challenging yourself and entering the realm of xxxtreme.   A solid metal shaft with cum-stopper ball at top this will be a treasured male sex toy that will last for years.


Made of Medical Stainless Steel 100% Solid Maximum Insertable Length: 80 mm (3.15”) Minimum Width: 5 mm (0.19") Maximum Width : about 7.8 mm (0.31”) Net Weight: 38g  (1.35oz)  Ball Width: 16mm (0.63")