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Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle
Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle
Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle

Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle

Unlock new dimensions of pleasure with the Vibrating Urethral Wand. Elevate your desires - shop now and indulge in intense satisfaction!
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Product Description

Elevate your intimate experiences to astonishing new heights with the Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle by Hell's Couture. Delve into the realm of urethral pleasure like never before, guided by the gentle contours and empowering vibrations of this meticulously crafted wand.

With precision engineering and ergonomic design, this wand offers an enticing blend of functionality and pleasure. The handle, measuring 73mm, provides a steady grip, allowing you to navigate the wand effortlessly. As you explore your body's inner sanctums, the teardrop widths of 8mm, 10mm, and 12mm cater to your unique preferences and desires, while the overall length of 228mm ensures no depth remains uncharted.

Embrace the tingling currents of sensation as the vibrating wand stimulates your urethral passages and sends ripples of pleasure throughout your body. The insertable length of 155mm ensures deep satisfaction, making every moment unforgettable.

Hell's Couture stands behind the superior quality of their products, crafting this vibrating urethral wand from 100% Non-Magnate medical-grade steel. This commitment ensures both your safety and the longevity of your pleasure. Beware of inferior imitations that compromise on material integrity.

Discover the electrifying world of urethral play with the Vibrating Urethral Wand With Handle. Let your curiosity guide you as you embrace the thrill of the unknown and unleash your desires.

Approximate Measurements

Teardrop Widths:  8mm / 10mm / 12mm

Overall Length: 228mm

Insertable length: 155mm

Handle Length: 73mm

Teardrop Length: 34mm

Hell’s Couture is a kinky company. They’ve been created by people that love bondage, breathe fetish, and play kink. Therefore they understand what makes people different and what makes them tick. That’s why Hell’s Couture has created a wide variety of kink and fetish toys for couples. Specialising in leather pieces from restraints to whips, as well as steel penis plugs and chastity cages – hells couture understand kink and has brought it directly to you

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