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Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart
Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart
Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart
Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart
Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart

Wonderland C-Ring The Heavenly Heart

Elevate pleasure with Wonderland's Heavenly Heart C-Ring. Vibrating luxury for couples. Buy now and embark on an adventure of pulsating bliss!
Price 31.49EUR

Product Description

Welcome to the enchanting world of pleasure, where Wonderland C-Ring "The Heavenly Heart" beckons you to explore realms of ecstasy and intimacy. This meticulously crafted pleasure ring is not just a device; it's a testament to the artistry and innovation that defines Doc Johnson. As you embark on this journey down the rabbit hole, The Heavenly Heart promises not just pulsating bliss, but a symphony of sensations that redefine your expectations of intimate pleasure.

At its core, The Heavenly Heart C-Ring is a celebration of luxury and functionality. The plush and fanciful heart tip serves as a charming introduction to the pleasures that lie ahead. Crafted from 100% silicone, this pleasure ring offers a stretch-to-fit experience that is as comfortable as it is stimulating. Regardless of your experience level, whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to the world of pleasure rings, The Heavenly Heart is designed to embrace you in a snug and satisfying grip.

The removable clitoral bullet is a stroke of genius, elevating this pleasure ring to new heights. Controlled by a user-friendly push-button, the discreet yet powerful vibrator offers 10 functions of escalating intensity. It's a dance of sensations, a journey through waves of pleasure that adapt to your desires. And with the waterproof design, your adventures are not confined to the bedroom—take The Heavenly Heart into the bath or shower for aquatic delights.

Versatility is a key feature of this pleasure ring. The removable bullet allows you to customize your experience. If the focus is on enhancing erections, let the silicone grip work its magic. If you desire an added layer of stimulation, insert the bullet and let the vibrations create a symphony of pleasure. The hold button, a small yet impactful detail, adds to the ease of use, allowing you to power off the device with a simple 2-second press.

The Heavenly Heart isn't just a solo delight; it's a couple's dream. Beyond its role in enhancing erections, this pleasure ring is crafted with the understanding that pleasure is a shared experience. The direct clitoral stimulation adds a layer of excitement, turning every encounter into a mutual journey of exploration and satisfaction. It's a bridge that connects partners on a deeper level, inviting them to discover new heights of pleasure together.

Maintaining and caring for your Wonderland C-Ring is as delightful as the experiences it provides. Cleaning is a breeze with warm water and soap. The crucial detail is to keep the rubber seal intact while ensuring the mechanical components remain dry. It's a small effort for the long-lasting companionship of The Heavenly Heart on your journey through pleasure wonderland.

In terms of measurements, the comfortable circumference of 6.5 inches showcases Doc Johnson's commitment to inclusivity. The stretch-to-fit design ensures that The Heavenly Heart accommodates various sizes, making it an accessible and inviting addition to your pleasure toolkit.

As you consider The Heavenly Heart, think beyond the ordinary. It's not just a vibrating cock ring; it's an investment in pleasure, an exploration of desires, and a celebration of intimate connections. Whether you're seeking to enhance your solo adventures or elevate your shared moments, this pleasure ring invites you to unlock the doors to a world of heightened sensations and mutual satisfaction.

In conclusion, Wonderland C-Ring "The Heavenly Heart" by Doc Johnson is more than a sex toy; it's a companion on your journey through pleasure wonderland. It's an invitation to embrace luxury, explore versatility, and redefine your expectations of intimate pleasure. So, let the charm of The Heavenly Heart captivate you, and allow this pleasure ring to guide you through an enchanting experience that transcends the ordinary.

Doc Johnson is a reliable name for erotic toy seekers- in fact it is one name which will come into the radar every time one things of innovative pleasure-providing tools! Right from their inception in 1976, quality in their products and surpassing expectations of their clients has been their main obligation.

Included amongst the forerunners in the realm of erotic toys, they have repeatedly come up with ground-breaking designs for their exclusive US clients. All Doc Johnson sex toys are designed as per the necessary US production standards. And further adding, before being made ready for clients, some adequate testing and examinations are also carried out to check its efficiency in functionality.

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