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Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring
Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring
Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring

Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring

California Exotics, Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring 1 Blue, Dual Bullet Cock Ring with Incredible Partnered Pleasure
Price 27.99EUR

Product Description

California Exotics Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring in Blue - the vibrating C-ring that adds a touch of excitement and satisfaction to your intimate play. This couples C-ring is designed for dual point stimulation, ensuring both partners enjoy intense sensations during your sensual encounters.

Experience the power of double action with two removable stimulators, offering you a variety of pleasurable experiences. Explore three intense speeds of vibration, easily controlled with the user-friendly push-button control. Whether you're looking to intensify your solo play or enhance your pleasure as a couple, this vibrating C-ring is the perfect companion.

Unleash your desires in and out of the water, as this waterproof penis ring invites you to explore wet and wild adventures. Crafted with phthalate-free and non-toxic materials, this body-safe C-ring ensures a safe and pure experience for your ultimate enjoyment.

Take your intimate moments to new heights with the California Exotics Up! Spice It Up! Double Action Couples Ring, the dual stimulating cockring that guarantees pleasure and satisfaction for you and your partner. Embrace the excitement of this versatile and stimulating C-ring.

California Exotics' UP! series, a collection of meticulously crafted sex toys tailored specifically for women. Designed to cater exclusively to the desires and needs of women, the UP! range is an exploration of exquisite pleasure and intimate satisfaction.

California Exotics invites you to discover the thoughtfully curated UP! collection, where every detail is crafted with precision to enhance and elevate your intimate experiences. As you delve into this world of adult toys, you'll find a diverse array of products that embrace the unique desires of women, whether you're a seasoned explorer or someone new to the realm of sensual exploration.

The UP! series represents a commitment to empowering women on their personal journeys of pleasure. Each product within this range is a testament to California Exotics' dedication to quality, innovation, and the celebration of feminine sensuality. The careful design ensures that every touch, sensation, and encounter is tailored to perfection, promising a world where pleasure knows no boundaries.

Whether you're seeking subtle stimulation or intense satisfaction, the UP! range offers a variety of options to suit your preferences. California Exotics understands that intimacy is a deeply personal experience, and the UP! series is designed to enhance and fulfill the diverse desires of women, creating a space where pleasure is celebrated in all its forms.

Step into the exquisite world of California Exotics UP!, where every product is a gateway to a world of pleasure designed exclusively for women. As you explore the UP! range, let the carefully curated selection of sex toys inspire and invigorate your intimate moments, promising an exploration of passion, sensuality, and the limitless possibilities of pleasure.

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