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Sport Fucker Ultra Sound
Sport Fucker Ultra Sound
Sport Fucker Ultra Sound
Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

Sport Fucker Ultra Sound

Sport Fucker Ultra Sound is a flexibly soft silicone urethral sound with the budding sounding novice in mind, Safety of silicone with a sensation that is second to none
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Product Description

Experience the extraordinary with the Sports Fucker Ultra Sound - a penis sound that promises both exhilarating internal and slight external stimulation. This great plug features three cylindrical ridges, each slightly raised and wider than the shaft, providing a unique and thrilling sensation during use.

What makes this plug truly special is the curved handle that fits over the head of your cock and rests with its ball right on your frenulum glan. The combination of internal and slight external stimulation creates an intense pleasure like no other. The sight of the handle sticking out while your throbbing member is filled with the Ultra Sound adds an exciting visual element to your intimate moments.

With specifications including a length of 12.7cm (5 in), a ball diameter of 1cm (0.4 in), a shaft diameter ranging from 4.35mm to 4.6mm (0.17-0.18 in), ridges measuring 5.1mm to 5.2mm (0.2-0.21 in), and a tip diameter of 5.2mm (0.21 in), this flexible penis sound is designed for a perfect fit and satisfying experience.

Indulge in the pleasure of male sounding equipment and explore the world of silicone flexible sounds with the Sports Fucker Ultra Sound - a thrilling addition to your pleasure collection.


 Length: 12.7cm. (5 in.)

Ball: 1cm. (4 in.)

Shaft: 4.35mm.-4.6mm. (.17-.18 in.)

Ridges: 5.1mm-5.2mm (.2-.21 in)

Tip: 5.2mm. (.21 in)

Distance from ball to shaft: 2.3 cm. (.9 in)

Sport Fucker is one of those brands that are made for men, and by men. With sexual performance in mind as well as making you and your junk look classy and amazing, this company isn’t going to let your manhood down. With a range of toys specifically for men and male pleasure Sport Fucker is a renowned company within the queer community and known for its quality male sex toys. 

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