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Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit
Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit
Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit

Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit

Maximize your pleasure journey with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit. Unleash excitement, explore boundaries, and experience ecstasy. Ready to play? Shop now!
Price 27.99EUR

Product Description

Embark on an electrifying journey into the world of urethral pleasures with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit. Crafted to cater to beginners' curiosity and excitement, this kit offers the perfect starting point for those interested in delving into the delights of sounding.

With the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit, everything you need to embrace this unique form of play is at your fingertips. Featuring a hollow and flexible core, the medical-grade silicone sounds provide a comfortable and safe experience. The smooth texture and large flange base ensure that you can enjoy the adventure with confidence and ease.

This kit presents two medical-grade silicone sounds, each designed to facilitate progression. One sound boasts a slightly thicker build, allowing you to gradually advance to larger sizes as you become more comfortable. Alternatively, share the experience with a partner and simultaneously explore the depths of this sensual journey.

The "Thin" sound, measuring 5.1 cm in length, features a 2.25mm internal hole, a 4mm shaft, and a 6.25mm ridge. Its flange base, measuring 15.35mm, ensures stability during play. The "Thick" sound, also 5.1 cm long, offers an 8mm bump, a 6.35mm center, and a 3.4mm internal hole, all anchored by the same secure flange base.

Elevate your intimacy with the Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit. Begin your exploration, discover new sensations, and embrace the world of urethral play with confidence.


Length: 5.1 cm. (2in.)

Internal hole: 2.25mm. (.1 in.)

Shaft: 4mm. (.16 in.)

Ridge 6.25mm. (.25 in.)

Flange: 15.35mm. (.6 in.)


Length: 5.1 cm. (2 in.)

Bump: 8mm. (.35 in.)

Center: 6.35 mm. (.25 in.)

Internal hole: 3.4mm. (.13 in.)

Flange: 15.35mm. (.6 in.)


Sport Fucker - a brand that redefines intimate satisfaction through cutting-edge male-focused sex toys. Experience a revolutionary approach to pleasure with Sport Fucker's TPR Blend Toys, where innovation meets desire.

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