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Silicone Urethral Catheter
Silicone Urethral Catheter
Silicone Urethral Catheter
Silicone Urethral Catheter

Silicone Urethral Catheter

Embrace the safety and comfort of flexible catheters, and ensure a smooth and hygienic experience with the California Exotics Silicone Ultimate Lasso.
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Product Description

Experience the ultimate comfort and reliability with the BDSTyle Silicone Ultimate Lasso – a revolutionary silicone urethral catheter designed for medical applications. Crafted from top-quality silicone, this flexible catheter offers superior performance, making it a safe and effective choice for draining urine.

The silicone material ensures a smooth and comfortable experience, as it is softer and more flexible compared to other catheters. Say goodbye to discomfort and irritation during use, as this silicone urethral catheter guarantees a pleasant and hygienic experience.

The California Exotics Silicone Ultimate Lasso is designed to be inserted through the urethra into the bladder, facilitating the drainage of urine with ease and precision. Its durability and resistance to infection make it a reliable and hygienic medical device.

One of the key advantages of silicone catheters is their reduced likelihood of causing irritation or allergic reactions, making them a preferred choice for medical applications. Available in two size options – S Size: 35 * 0.8 cm (13.8" * 0.3") and M Size: 35 * 1 cm (13.8" * 0.4") – this catheter ensures a precise fit for personalized comfort.

Function: Urethral Catheter
Color: Black
S Size: 35 * 0.8 cm/13.8" * 0.3"
M Size: 35 * 1 cm/13.8" * 0.4"
Net Weight: 24 g/0.05 lb/0.8 oz
Power: No
Material: Silicone
Further: Safe Material
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