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Silicone Penis Plug
Silicone Penis Plug
Silicone Penis Plug
Silicone Penis Plug
Silicone Penis Plug
Silicone Penis Plug

Silicone Penis Plug

BDSTyle Silicone Penis Plug - Flexible Urethral Sound

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Product Description

A silicone penis plug is a medical device that is designed to be inserted into the urethra of the penis. It is typically made of medical-grade silicone, which is a flexible and biocompatible material that is safe for use in the human body.

Penis plugs are used for a variety of purposes, including sexual stimulation and as a form of BDSM play. They are also used for medical purposes, such as to treat urethral strictures or to help manage urinary incontinence.

Silicone penis plugs come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the user's preference and the intended use. They are typically inserted into the urethra with the help of a lubricant and can be worn for varying lengths of time, depending on the individual's needs.

  Function: Penis Plug Color: Black/White Size:  S: 35 * 0.35 cm/13.8" * 0.14" M: 35 * 0.45 cm/13.8" * 0.18" L: 35 * 0.55 cm/13.8" * 0.2" XL: 35 * 0.75 cm/13.8" * 0.3" XXL: 35 * 0.95 cm/13.8" * 0.4" Net Weight: 10 g/0.02 lb/0.35 oz Power: No Material: Silicone Further: Safe Material   When you want to experience BDSM at a realistic price BDStyle Bondage Gear mission is to provide the best quality for the budget conscious. Whether you are after penis plugs or cock cages, there is a huge range for Chastity Players and Urethral Toy Experts. Even after some bondage leather wear – the vast stock allows plenty of choice. Check the entire range online now!!!