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Silicone Penis Plug Black
Silicone Penis Plug Black
Silicone Penis Plug Black
Silicone Penis Plug Black
Silicone Penis Plug Black

Silicone Penis Plug Black

Explore the world of urethral stimulation with the BDStyle Silicone Penis Plug. Shop this intimate urethral insert for men and experience cock stuffing like never before.
Price 10.49EUR
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Product Description

Unleash your deepest desires and embark on a journey of intense pleasure with the BDStyle Silicone Penis Plug. This extraordinary cock plug is designed to take your intimate play to new heights, offering unparalleled sensations and endless possibilities for exploration.

Crafted from premium silicone, this penis plug boasts a flexible and comfortable design, ensuring ease of insertion and a snug fit. Whether you're new to urethral insertions or an experienced cock stuffing enthusiast, the BDStyle Silicone Penis Plug promises to deliver a stimulating experience like no other.

Choose from five different sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL) and two captivating colors (black and white) to suit your preferences and level of experience. The gradual increase in size from the slender 0.35 cm (0.14") to the bold 0.95 cm (0.4") allows you to indulge in a customizable and fulfilling experience.

With a length of 35 cm (13.8"), this silicone cock plug offers ample room for stimulation, while the safe material guarantees your well-being throughout your intimate adventures. Whether you're seeking to spice up solo play or exploring new avenues of pleasure with a partner, this penis plug promises to ignite your passions and leave you craving for more.

Experience the thrill of urethral play, enjoy the pleasures of silicone cock plug, and delve into the world of urethral insertions with confidence and excitement.

Function: Penis Plug
Color: Black/White
S: 35 * 0.35 cm/13.8" * 0.14"
M: 35 * 0.45 cm/13.8" * 0.18"
L: 35 * 0.55 cm/13.8" * 0.2"
XL: 35 * 0.75 cm/13.8" * 0.3"
XXL: 35 * 0.95 cm/13.8" * 0.4"
Net Weight: 10 g/0.02 lb/0.35 oz
Power: No
Material: Silicone
Further: Safe Material
When you want to experience BDSM at a realistic price BDStyle Bondage Gear mission is to provide the best quality for the budget conscious. Whether you are after penis plugs or cock cages, there is a huge range for Chastity Players and Urethral Toy Experts. Even after some bondage leather wear – the vast stock allows plenty of choice. Check the entire range online now!!!

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