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Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer
Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer
Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer

Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer

Elevate passion with the Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer. Adjustable comfort, intense pleasure. Order now for an unforgettable intimate experience!
Price 31.49EUR

Product Description

Unleash the full potential of pleasure with the California Exotics Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer, the epitome of comfort and satisfaction. This premium silicone enhancer is thoughtfully crafted to provide stretchy and comfortable support for him, ensuring an experience that is as enjoyable as it is unforgettable. Made from high-quality silicone, the figure 8 design offers a customized fit, allowing you to focus solely on pleasure.

Experience enhanced pleasure and stability with the built-in scrotum support, adding an extra dimension of pleasure to your intimate play. Feel the confidence and pleasure surge through you as you indulge in uninterrupted, electrifying sensations.

Take your pleasure to a whole new level with the removable wireless stimulator, featuring intense vibrations that reverberate throughout your body. Explore new erogenous zones and unlock new realms of ecstasy with every touch and caress.

The California Exotics Silicone Lovers Gear Figure 8 Enhancer is not only a game-changer in the bedroom but also in the bathroom. Its waterproof design allows for thrilling aquatic adventures, making your intimate moments even more exciting and versatile.

This versatile pleasure enhancer combines the benefits of an enhancer ring, silicone ring, testicle ring, ball support, and scrotum support, offering an all-in-one solution for your pleasure needs. Whether you're flying solo or enjoying intimate moments with your partner, this exceptional product guarantees pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

California Exotics Novelties is one of the biggest adult toy companies in the world. With decades of experience, they have developed an extraordinary reputation as being both reliable and having the ability to create high quality toys. They have developed a range of product lines that cater to all sorts of people including women, couples and men. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever kind of fetish or pleasure that you’re into then you are sure to find the product that best fits your needs from Cal Exotics. Their toys undergo strict testing to ensure that their toys are meeting US quality standards. Rest assured that you will be shopping with confidence when you choose to get your products from this industry heavyweight. 

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