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Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring
Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring
Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring
Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring

Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring

Pee Gym Cum Stopper & Glans Ring by Hell's Couture is a Polished Steel Ring with Plug that Provides Urethral Stimulation with Every Movement
Price 17.49EUR
All Sizes

Product Description

The new steel toy for cock bondage - this little guy has a glans ring and a 8mm ball which sits right inside the urethra as a sperm stopper. The intensity of this sitting there and trapping everything is simply insane. The glans ring keeps your penis head nice and large - so you'll have a pronounced shape for those seeking to get a better shape on their penis. This can give you an impressive erection, as well as making your sensations deeper and much more pleasurable.You'll need to make sure you measure up correctly. 


For the best in Cock Plugging look no further than this Hell's Couture Sperm Stopper. Made from medical grade stainless steel this is a perfect product to enhance and amplify cock bondage. The Sperm Stopper fits tightly around the head of your cock just like a glans ring, with the stainless steel ball inserted into the urethra.


approximate measurements

Overall length, insertable length, plug width and ball diameter's are the same across all sizes

Overall length: 31mm  //  Insertable length: 20mm

Ball diameter: 8mm  //  Plug width: 2mm

Ring Diameters

Small - 25mm

Medium - 28mm

Large - 31mm

Extra Large - 33mm

Hell’s Couture is a leading brand of bondage and fetish gear with a comprehensive range of penis plugs, urethral sounds, leather restraints, crops and punishment devices. Respected throughout the world for the quality and price. Get your kinky on by yourself of with your partner with the amazing products that often will astound you!! So get your FetLife happening now with this ultimate selection BDSM online.

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