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PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel
PC Spiked Pinwheel

PC Spiked Pinwheel

Discover the electrifying world of BDSM with BDStyle's PC Spiked Pinwheel. This sensation-enhancing toy is designed for those who crave intense pleasures.
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Product Description

Are you ready to take your BDSM and bondage play to a thrilling new level? BDStyle presents the PC Spiked Pinwheel, an exquisite and intense sensation toy that promises to leave you gasping for more. This spiked pinwheel is designed to deliver a unique blend of pleasure and pain, making it a favorite among BDSM connoisseurs.

A spiked pinwheel is a specialized BDSM and bondage tool featuring a small wheel adorned with sharp metal pins or spikes attached to a comfortable handle. Unlike conventional pinwheels with blunt pins, the spikes on this pinwheel are sharp, creating a prickling and tingling sensation as they roll across the skin. The result? An electrifying experience that will send shivers down your spine.

The sharpness and precision of the pins on the spiked pinwheel set it apart from its traditional counterparts. With each gentle stroke or firmer press, you'll experience a spectrum of sensations, from subtle teasing to intense stimulation. These sensations can vary from person to person and even from one body area to another, making the spiked pinwheel a versatile tool for BDSM and bondage enthusiasts.

One unique feature of the spiked pinwheel is its ability to leave small marks or scratches on the skin. This characteristic adds an element of visual appeal to your BDSM play, turning your partner's body into a canvas of sensations and artistry. Whether you're indulging in sensation play or administering discipline, the spiked pinwheel allows you to leave your mark in the most thrilling way.

BDStyle's PC Spiked Pinwheel is crafted with precision and quality, ensuring that each pinwheel meets the highest standards of performance and safety. The wheel measures 15.5 centimeters (6.1 inches) in length and 2.1 centimeters (0.8 inches) in width, providing the perfect size for maneuverability and control. The spikes have a thickness of 0.12 centimeters (0.04 inches), striking the right balance between intensity and comfort.

This sensational BDSM tool comes in an array of attractive colors, including Black, White, Green, Blue, Pink, and Purple. Choose the color that resonates with your desires or matches your existing BDSM gear. The pinwheel's sleek design and captivating appearance make it a visually stimulating addition to your intimate collection.

Using BDStyle's PC Spiked Pinwheel is straightforward and safe. Crafted from high-quality ABS and PC materials, it ensures durability and body-safe play. The pinwheel requires no external power source, making it a convenient and hassle-free tool to incorporate into your BDSM and bondage adventures.

Whether you're a seasoned BDSM enthusiast or a curious beginner, the PC Spiked Pinwheel by BDStyle promises to unlock new dimensions of pleasure. It's a versatile toy that can be used for sensation play, punishment, discipline, or simply to explore the boundaries of your desires.

Function: Spiked Pinwheel
Color: Black/White/Green/Blue/Pink/Purple
Size: 15.5 * 2.1 cm/6.1 * 0.8 inch
Spiked: 0.12 cm/0.04 inch
Power: No
Material: ABS + PC
Package: Color Box
Further: Sexy play
Package Size: 16.8*5.2*3.6 CM
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