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Oxballs Fuckler Cockrings
Oxballs Fuckler Cockrings

Oxballs Fuckler Cockrings

Oxballs Fuckler Cockrings features twenty finger shaped nubs that support and fondle your balls and feels great during sex for both you and your partner
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Product Description

When you want your meat to look fierce, juicy and ready for hardcore action. A cock ring made by men, for men.

FUCKLER is a thick silicone cockring, not too tight…but with squirmy “fingers” that fondle your balls…wank or fuck while wearing FUCKLER--it feels like the little tentacles are tickling and probing your ballsack…your balls rest heavy on 20 soft squishy blunt nubs pushing your junk forward, and the ring locks in the blood flow so your meat stays rock-hard…it looks sick too…

Lube the thing inside and out, (use any lube, this is Oxballs pure platinum cure silicone, you can use any type or brand of lube with this one), stretch it over your junk…use it with the nubs behind your balls and it feels great for you…flip it and wear with the nubs around the top of your meat and fuck your favorite hole…every thrust and your gonna tickle some lucky pucker…bottoms love this one

Pure Platinum Cure Silicone

Lube safe:  water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes

Cleaning:  detergent and hot water, dishwasher.

Inside Diameter:  1.25”/3cm
Height:  1.5” /3.5cm
Outside Diameter:  2.25”/5.5cm

There are numerous sex toy manufacturers in US, but very few are able to reach the pinnacle of success as Oxballs. The company is unique in the sense that it manufacturers sex toys for HIM, by men. Oxballs sex toy range efficiency its design language is something which many other companies. But despite of that, Oxballs has managed to keep its high-end quality repeatedly.

From dick armors, puppy play and piss troughs- their collection will simply leave you astounded. Oxballs sex toy rangeis exclusive in the very essence of the word. Plus the price tags affixed to it are also on cost-convenient terms- which make it all the more well for their vast number of clients.

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