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Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel
Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel
Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel

Oval Ball Stretcher In Steel

Hell's Couture, Oval Ball Stretcher offers adjustable ball weight for testicle stretching, perfect for CBT play and male genital stretching
Price 17.49EUR
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Product Description

Prepare to test your limits with the Hells Couture Oval Ball Stretcher in Steel, the ultimate testicle torture device for BDSM enthusiasts. Crafted from high-quality steel, this heavy-duty ball stretcher is designed to provide a hardcore experience that leaves you wanting more.

Explore the world of CBT play and indulge in male genital stretching with this exceptional BDSM gear. The oval design of the ball stretcher ensures a secure fit, allowing you to focus on the sensations and pleasures that await you.

Choose from a range of internal diameters and corresponding weights, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for your testicle stretching desires:

  • 30mm: 210g - 220g
  • 33mm: 220g - 230g
  • 36mm: 230g - 240g
  • 39mm: 240g - 250g
  • 42mm: 250g - 260g
  • 45mm: 260g - 270g
  • 48mm: 270g - 280g
  • 51mm: 280g - 290g
  • 54mm: 290g

This steel ball stretcher is your key to unlocking new sensations and pushing the boundaries of pleasure and pain. Perfect for those seeking heavy ball stretching and CBT gear, the Hells Couture Oval Ball Stretcher is the ultimate addition to your BDSM collection.

Even if you are the most experienced BDSM player out there you will not be able to anything but love the Hell’s Couture range of Bondage and Fetish Gear. The range is like no other and with so many combinations and types of product it is a kinksters delight. Some of the bondage wear are just a sinvention and with hundreds of styles of penis plugs and urethral sound, chastity devices and even cock rings it is CBT heaven. After some leather gear, maybe some collars, restraints or perhaps a bondage hood, there is something for every sensation. Make your Fetlife real and get some sensory sex toys like a wartenberg wheel of blindfold. Something for everyone from one of the world’s favorite bondage brands.

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