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Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound
Mortal Coil Sound

Mortal Coil Sound

Explore the depths of extreme pleasure with Mortal Coil Sound, your gateway to intense urethral stimulation. Shop now!
Price 17.49EUR

Product Description

Mortal Coil Sound, a premium adult toy designed to deliver unparalleled pleasure with its impressive length of 15 cm/5.9 inches. Crafted with high-quality stainless steel in a sleek silver color, this sound is a true masterpiece. The insertable length of this extraordinary device measures 13.5 cm/5.3 inches, ensuring deep and satisfying sensations. With a maximum diameter of 0.8 cm/0.32 inches, it offers a gradual and comfortable insertion experience.

Enhancing the overall pleasure, the Mortal Coil Sound features a glans ring with a diameter of 2.7 cm/0.98 inches, providing a secure fit and stimulating the sensitive areas. This feature adds an exciting element to your playtime, allowing you to explore new levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Made with meticulous attention to detail, this sound boasts an exquisite design. It is adorned with balls, ridges, and a ring at the end, all carefully crafted to enhance your pleasure and ensure maximum comfort during use. With a net weight of 0.053 kg/0.12 lb/1.87 oz, the Mortal Coil Sound is lightweight and easy to handle, giving you full control over your experience.

To make your purchase easier and more convenient, we offer flexible payment options, including Zippay, Afterpay, and BDstyle. These payment methods allow you to enjoy your new toy now and pay later, ensuring that your pleasure knows no bounds. Experience the ultimate in pleasure with the Mortal Coil Sound. Get ready to explore new dimensions of ecstasy and elevate your intimate moments to new heights.

Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Length: 15 cm/5.9 inches
Insert Length: 13.5 cm/5.3 inches
Insert Max Dia: 0.8 cm/0.32 inches
Glans Ring Dia: 2.7 cm/0.98 inches
Net Weight: 0.053 kg/0.12 lb/1.87 oz

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