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Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell Steel
Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell Steel

Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell Steel

Kinklab 5 Gates of Hell Steel By The Stockroom is made of 5 metal rings that vary in size, connected to a smooth leather strap. It offers the wearer erection support
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Product Description

5 gates of hell 5 rubber rings connected by a rubber strap (Steel Version)

The Back O-ring (base of the cock) is 1¾” in diameter. Then there are two 1½” diameter O-rings, followed by two 1¼” diameter O-rings.

This device is used for male constraint/adornment.

It consists of a series of nickel-plated steel rings connected by a leather strap. The first, largest ring goes over the cock and balls, and the cock alone goes into the other rings.

The rings get progressively smaller, confining the penis. This 5 ring version starts with a 1¾" ring, followed by two 1½" rings and two 1¼" rings. The entire length is about 3".

Silver: Metal Ring

The Stockroom is an iconic bondage retailer, manufacturer and distributor. Their mission in the owners own words has always been "to build an inspired, dedicated team to deliver all the best in sexual technologies in a manner that demonstrates our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults. Our commitment is to provide discreet and convenient access to high quality products at a reasonable price, and to provide educational, networking and entertainment resources to support the development of the communities we serve".

Over nearly three decades that mission has led to the success of The Stockroom and the satisfaction of both customers and staff. Stockroom now has its own home brands Kinklab, Vondage, Joanna Angel Line, JT Signature Collections and Stockroom originals.

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