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Kerato DOMINATOR Uretheral Grooving Sound Tapered and Tiered
Kerato DOMINATOR Uretheral Grooving Sound Tapered and Tiered
Kerato DOMINATOR Uretheral Grooving Sound Tapered and Tiered

Kerato DOMINATOR Uretheral Grooving Sound Tapered and Tiered

Experience Pleasure & Pain with KERATO DOMINATOR Grooving Sound. Get Yours Today!
Price 24.49EUR

Product Description

Unlock the Gates of Pleasure with the KERATO DOMINATOR Urethral Grooving Sound!

Experience the intense world of urethral play like never before with the KERATO DOMINATOR Urethral Grooving Sound. This devilishly seductive device takes you on a thrilling journey into the exquisite realm of pleasure and pain, tapping into the wealth of nerve endings in your urethra. It's no surprise that urethral play is gaining popularity, with adventurous souls eagerly exploring the exhilarating sensations that come with it.

When you're ready to elevate your urethral play to the next level, the DOMINATOR is your ultimate companion. This robust and sizzling hot tool is perfect for those who seek more from their experiences. Crafted with precision from medical-grade stainless steel in Germany, it adheres to the highest standards, guaranteeing you an adventure that will transport you to new heights of pleasure.

Product Specifications:

Overall Length: 179mm

Insertable Length: 135mm

Slimmest Point Plug Width: 4mm

Widest Point Plug Width: 10mm

Rest easy knowing that this product is 100% Non-Magnetic and made from top-tier medical-grade steel. Beware of imitations that cut corners, using chromed steel or low-quality surgical steel containing Magnate, the notorious ingredient that leads to rust. At Hell's Couture, we take pride in our commitment to quality, reserving this endorsement exclusively for our 100% surgical steel creations.

The KERATO DOMINATOR Urethral Grooving Sound is your key to unlocking the gates of pleasure and pain, providing an experience that transcends the ordinary. Are you ready to take the plunge and discover a whole new world of sensation?

One of the largest collections of kink and bondage gear is brought to you by Hell’s Couture. They specalise in all things surgical steel, metal and leather and have an awe inspiring collection of kink gear. With one of the largest ranges of penis plugs, and urethral toys around – you certainly won’t be disappointed by their range. And if steel isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they also have an extensive collection of leather gear including lingerie, whips and impact toys and a whole range of premium restraints

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