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Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant
Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant
Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant
Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant
Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant

Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant

Experience intense CBT and chastity play with our Kali's Teeth Scrotum Pendant. Explore four rows of exquisite stimulation in this stainless steel masterpiece.
Price 174.99EUR

Product Description

Experience the Ultimate in Male Chastity and CBT:

Indulge your darkest desires with the Kali's Teeth Scrotum Pendant, a masterpiece of BDSM craftsmanship that takes male chastity and CBT to new heights. If you're an adventurous soul seeking intense sensations and willing to embrace the world of pleasure and pain, this stainless steel device is your key to unlocking unparalleled ecstasy.

Four Rows of Exquisite Stimulation: Prepare yourself for an experience like no other. The Kali's Teeth Scrotum Pendant features four carefully arranged rows of pointed teeth, strategically designed to deliver exquisite stimulation and torment. Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner looking to explore the thrilling world of BDSM, this device promises unforgettable sensations.

Strength and Durability in Stainless Steel: Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, this device is built to endure the most demanding play sessions. Its corrosion-resistant properties make cleaning a breeze, ensuring it remains a faithful companion for years to come. With stainless steel at your service, you're free to explore your deepest desires without hesitation.

Safety Meets Comfort: Safety is paramount in BDSM play, and the Kali's Teeth Scrotum Pendant delivers on all fronts. Its adjustable design allows you to find the perfect fit, ensuring both security and comfort. You can trust this device to push boundaries while keeping your play safe and enjoyable.

Embrace a World of Pleasure and Torment: Are you ready to embrace a world of pleasure and torment, pushing your limits and surrendering to your desires? BDStyle's Kali's Teeth with 4 Rows Scrotum Pendant is your invitation to explore the electrifying realm of BDSM. Are you bold enough to take the plunge into a world where ecstasy and agony coexist in perfect harmony?

Male Chastity Device Spike Ring CBT
Color: Silver
Dia: 4 cm/1.5 inch
Material: Stainless Steel
Height: 4.2 cm/1.6 inches
Net Weight: 920 g/2 lb/32.4 oz

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