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HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device
HT Bird Cage Chastity Device

HT Bird Cage Chastity Device

Elevate your BDSM play with the HT Bird Cage Chastity Device—a symbol of control and pleasure.
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Product Description

HT Bird Cage Chastity Device—a symbol of dominance, submission, and erotic exploration. Crafted with precision and designed for pleasure and control, this male chastity cage is the ultimate accessory for couples looking to delve into the exciting world of BDSM.

Constructed from premium-quality metal with a lustrous silver finish, the HT Bird Cage Chastity Device exudes elegance and durability. Its open birdcage design offers a tantalizing view of your partner's most intimate areas, tempting and teasing while ensuring his desires remain locked away.

Measuring 9.3 cm in length and 3.3 cm in diameter, this chastity device provides a comfortable and secure fit. The ball ring comes in various sizes, allowing you to customize the experience to your submissive's preferences (36 mm, 38 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, and 45 mm).

What sets this chastity cage apart is the inclusion of urethral catheter tubes, designed to add an extra layer of intensity to your BDSM play. These tubes provide both pleasure and torment, offering an unforgettable experience for both partners.

With the HT Bird Cage Chastity Device, you'll have complete control over your partner's arousal and release. Whether you're a seasoned BDSM practitioner or a couple looking to experiment with power dynamics, this device allows you to explore your desires in a safe and thrilling way.

Experience the excitement of male chastity play and elevate your intimate moments with this exquisite piece of bondage gear. Unleash your fantasies and desires with the HT Bird Cage Chastity Device and take your BDSM adventures to new heights.

Material: Metal
Color: Silver
Size: 9.3 * 3.3 cm/3.6 * 1.3 inch
The diameter of the ball ring have 3 Size:
36 mm/1.4 inch (S)
38 mm/1.5 inch (M)
40 mm/1.6 inch (L)
42 mm/1.7 inch (XL)
45 mm/1.8 inch (XXL)

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