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ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device
ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device

ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device

Elevate your intimacy with BDStyle ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device. Unleash anticipation and submission in your relationship. Order now!
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Product Description

The ExoBelt V1 Chastity Device by BDStyle offers a unique and exciting way to explore the world of male chastity, taking your intimacy to a whole new level. This stylish and convenient device is designed to put you in control, allowing you to keep your partner's manhood securely locked away, creating an aura of anticipation and submission that can redefine your relationship dynamics.

A World of Desire Control: With the ExoBelt V1 Chastity Device, you hold the key to pleasure and denial. As the keyholder, you decide when your partner can experience the ecstasy of release. Witness the desire in their eyes as they yearn for your touch, forging a connection built on trust and submission.

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted with precision and comfort in mind, this hard plastic chastity device includes essential components for a secure and comfortable fit. The package includes a hard plastic outer cage, four rings (two with a 44mm diameter and two with a 50mm diameter), stainless steel locking pins, adjustable nylon spacers, and two padlocks. These components work together to create a device that is not only effective but also comfortable for extended wear.

Customized Comfort: The ExoBelt V1 Chastity Device is designed with the wearer's well-being in mind. The adjustable nylon spacers and multiple ring sizes allow you to tailor the fit to your partner's comfort, ensuring a secure hold without unnecessary discomfort. With an inner diameter of 32mm and an internal length of 45mm, it provides ample room for comfortable wear.

Key Features:

Hard Plastic Outer Cage

4 Rings (2 x 44mm, 2 x 50mm)

Stainless Steel Locking Pins

Adjustable Nylon Spacers

2 Padlocks

Unlock the potential for excitement, anticipation, and submission with the BDStyle ExoBelt V1 Male Chastity Device. Whether you're exploring male chastity for the first time or seeking to add a new dimension to your intimate life, this premium chastity device is your key to unforgettable moments and heightened intimacy.

A hard plastic chastity device that includes:

1. Hard plastic outer cage
2. 4 Rings - 2 x 44mm, 2 x 50mm
3. Stainless steel locking pins
4. Adjustable nylon spacers
5. 2 Padlocks

Inner Diameter: 32mm
Internal Length: 45mm


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