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Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel
Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel
Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel
Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel
Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel

Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel

Elevate sensory play with BDStyle Electro-Sex Single Pinwheel. E-stim tingling wheel for electrifying excitement
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Product Description

An advanced, prickly ElectraStim device that can have an intense sensation even before the tingling electrostimulation is added, the Pinwheel is designed for the sensation of toe-locking, teasing, and moving with clear parts.

Perfect for all bdsm situations, the Pinwheel glides smoothly through the skin and cuffs, allowing incredible spiked contact. Long before the ElectraStim unit of your choice (sold separately) is added, the feeling is unique and exciting, but when used with electrostimulation, the Pinwheel experience becomes unforgettable.

This device is unipolar, so it should be used with other unipolar ElectraStim offerings - choose from a variety of dildos, plugs, extreme rings and more, or use one of the cute multi-unit adhesive ElectraPads come. The second device transmits current between itself and the Pinwheel, you will need to add a connection pin from the unit to each device to complete the beautiful circuit.

Made of high-quality copper, which is highly polished, the Pinwheel will heat up quickly and warm to match the temperature of the body, a feature that only adds to the indescribable effect and taste of complete electrostimulation. For the cold option, simply place it in the refrigerator or freezer for some time before serving. Compatible with lube. ElectraStim units sold separately.

Color: Silver
Length: 18 cm/7.1"
Wheel Diameter: 3 cm/1.2"
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