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ElectraStim Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe
ElectraStim Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe

ElectraStim Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe

Electro sex discipline toy, Tri-polar, Vaginal & anal probe, Gold contact
Price 132.99EUR

Product Description

ElectraStim - Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe

If you are looking for feelings of mind-blowing variety of anal as well as vaginal stimulations in an unusual way, Electro Tripple Dome Vaginal Probe would be one of the perfect options for you. This product has a tri-polar electrode and two of the poles/connections are used at a time.

Use these domes to make your vaginal climax epic, they will give you the shock and tingle you need to push you over the edge into the orgasm zone

You can stimulate the top two or bottom two domes by simply swapping the connections around. There are various options in this ultimate sex toy and you can spend several hours continuously in discovering its pleasures.

Size: 100mm(max. insertion) x 25mm OD x 12mm ID(4" x 1" x 0.5")

As market leaders in erotic electro-stimulation, Cyrex Ltd the creator of ElectraStim Sex Toys always abreast of the latest technological innovations. The high-quality electro sex toys are designed to give you a unique sexual experience that complements a range of erotic tastes. Universal 2mm pin connections for all of our stimulation units and electrodes are used, so when you buy ElectraStim products you know you’re able to expand your collection without needing to buy new cables or components every time.


All products are finished to a high standard to give you years of use with the proper care. As you would expect from any reputable manufacturer and supplier, all non-consumable items are backed by a 12 month warranty. There may be cheaper EES devices on the market, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Ultimately if you buy the right product the first time around it is cheaper in the long run and you will have a far more enjoyable experience. ElectraStim provides the high standards of production, safety and of course, sexual pleasure that both beginners and experts expect from their electro play experimentation.

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