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ElectraStim Solid Metal Rings
ElectraStim Solid Metal Rings
ElectraStim Solid Metal Rings

ElectraStim Solid Metal Rings

ElectraStim T-Bar metal Ring, Electro Sex Cock/Scrotal Ring
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Product Description

ElectraStim - Solid Metal Ring

Always use your Electrastim Solid Metal Cock Ring with an electro conductive gel so that the current can successfully travel across to your skin. Make sure you have enough cock rings on hand to accommodate any size of friend from the e-stim community that happens to drop by and have some fun. Alternatively, use your Electro Sex Cock Ring alone for a masturbatory experience that will leave you tingling. These shiny metal rings look classy when they're placed around your cock, and a snug fit will make your penis loom large and firm. Get all hooked up and let your partner control the amount of stimulation you receive by varying the digital output on your Electrastim Stimulator for amazingly erotic foreplay

Available Sizes:

32mm   34mm   46mm   48mm   56mm

You don't have to wear ElectraRings around your testicles, you could choose to wear one or more anywhere along your shaft. Some sizes are ideal for placing just below your glans so they tickle your frenulum during wear and others are better-sized fo

Choose a combination of any 2 rings to enjoy electro-sex tingles and orgasmic contractions throughout your full length or wear a single ring with any other uni-polar electrode to vary your play. You can even share a circuit with your partner for rhythmic sensations you feel everywhere you touch. However you choose to wear these single cockrings you can expect powerful contractions and intense tingles that can bring some men to climax with no other stimulation requiredr the mid shaft or at the base of your penis. Just decide where you want to wear your rings and measure up!

Each ElectraRing is uni-polar, allowing you to use 2 on a single-channel stimulation unit or 4 on a dual channel unit. So long as you're using at least 1 other electrode alongside your ElectraRing you'll feel stimulation. However you choose to enjoy your electrosex cock ring, you could benefit from improved sexual response and a harder and longer-lasting erection. You'll also enjoy enhanced sexual stimulation thanks to the erotic tingles and orgasmic contractions that erotic electrostimulation creates.

Our electrosex cock and scrotal rings are crafted from a solid metal bar to ensure a smooth finish and a comfortable fit. For the clearest, most resonant sensations you should lubricate your ElectraRing with some electroconductive gel before use.

One ring is supplied per purchase. Please add multiples to your basket if you require more than one. Each ElectraStim ElectraRing Solid Metal Cock Ring comes with a 1-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

As market leaders in erotic electro-stimulation, Cyrex Ltd the creator of ElectraStim Sex Toys always abreast of the latest technological innovations. The high-quality electro sex toys are designed to give you a unique sexual experience that complements a range of erotic tastes. Universal 2mm pin connections for all of our stimulation units and electrodes are used, so when you buy ElectraStim products you know you’re able to expand your collection without needing to buy new cables or components every time.


All products are finished to a high standard to give you years of use with the proper care. As you would expect from any reputable manufacturer and supplier, all non-consumable items are backed by a 12 month warranty. There may be cheaper EES devices on the market, but as with most things in life, you get what you pay for. Ultimately if you buy the right product the first time around it is cheaper in the long run and you will have a far more enjoyable experience. ElectraStim provides the high standards of production, safety and of course, sexual pleasure that both beginners and experts expect from their electro play experimentation.

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