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E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box
E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box
E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box
E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box
E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box

E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box

Elevate pleasure with the E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box – a gateway to electrifying sensations and customizable experiences.
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Product Description

Designed to elevate your electrosex experience, this power box is a gateway to a world of stimulating sensations. Crafted with precision and care, it's the ultimate companion for those seeking an electrifying edge to their intimate play.

Electrify Your Play: The E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box is your key to unlocking electrifying pleasure. With its ergonomic design, this power box seamlessly fits in your hand, giving you full control over the intensity of your electroplay. Simply insert the plug into the power box, and attach it to your electro sex toy. As the second plug touches your skin, a surge of electric current courses through, transforming your sensations into waves of pleasure.

Customizable Stimulation: Empower yourself with the ability to tailor your experience. The easy-to-use controls and LED screen allow you to effortlessly adjust the current, finding the perfect level of intensity to suit your desires. Whether you're exploring gentle tingles or exhilarating shocks, the E-Passion Power Box lets you take charge of your journey.

Compact and Portable: Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included), this pocket-sized powerhouse is ready to accompany you wherever desire takes you. Measuring 10 * 7.3 * 2.5 cm, it's compact yet potent, making it the ideal travel companion for electrifying adventures. The sturdy ABS material ensures durability, while the LCD screen keeps you informed of your settings.

A World of Possibilities: Explore new realms of pleasure with the E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box. Indulge in electrifying solo sessions or invite a partner to share in the excitement. Discover electrifying orgasms, sensational tingles, and captivating currents that will leave you craving more.

Product Description 2:

Elevate your playtime with the BDStyle E-Passion LCD Electrosex Power Box – a portal to electrifying pleasure. Crafted to electrify your intimate moments, this power box introduces a new dimension of sensation and satisfaction that will redefine your play experiences.

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