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Dick Cage Silicone Chastity Device Black
Dick Cage Silicone Chastity Device Black

Dick Cage Silicone Chastity Device Black

Redefine control with BDStyle Dick Cage Silicone Chastity Device in Black – an innovative two-piece male chastity solution.
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Product Description

This revolutionary device redefines the concept of control and pleasure, ensuring an unparalleled experience for both the wearer and the keyholder.

The Dick Cage chastity device boasts a two-piece design that combines a comfortable cock ring with a separate ergonomic sheath cock cage. This unique configuration ensures complete coverage of the entire penis, leaving no room for escape. The inner diameter of the cage measures 34mm (1.34 inches) and features five built-in air holes, facilitating easy cleaning without the need to open the cage. An ingenious twist is the placement of the lock inside the ring, providing both security and discretion. The sheath is expertly secured with a rivet, washer, and padlock, rendering withdrawal an impossibility when the padlock is in position.

The length of the Dick Cage varies, measuring 33mm at the bottom and extending to 80mm at the top, accommodating a range of sizes with precision. The flexible nature of this silicone chastity device makes it a perfect fit for men leading active lifestyles, allowing for freedom of movement while maintaining control. Moreover, thanks to its silicone construction, the Dick Cage can be confidently worn through airport security – just ensure you're using plastic locks.

Included in the package are essential components to ensure a secure and fulfilling experience. A silicone ring measuring 1-3/4" (45mm) in size, the cage (tube), a locking post, and a lock with two keys come together to create a comprehensive chastity solution that guarantees satisfaction for both partners.

Discover the pinnacle of male chastity with the BDStyle Dick Cage Silicone Chastity Device in Black – where control meets innovation, and desires are redefined.


Contents :
1 silicone ring:
1-3/4" / 45 mm (M Size)
1 Cage (tube)
1 Locking Post
1 Lock with 2 keys
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