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Bone Stainless Steel Penis Plug

BDStyle Bone Stainless Steel Penis Plug

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Product Description

A Bone Stainless Steel Penis Plug is a type of sex toy designed for urethral play, which involves inserting objects into the urethra of the penis. This plug is typically made of medical-grade stainless steel and features a tapered shaft with a ball-shaped end that resembles a bone.

The Bone Stainless Steel Penis Plug is inserted into the urethra and gently moved back and forth to create pleasurable sensations. The ball-shaped end may provide a unique sensation of fullness and pressure during use.

  Color: Silver Material: Stainless Steel S Size: 4 * 1 cm/1.6 * 0.39 inches M Size: 7.5 * 1 cm/3 * 0.39 inches L Size: 14 * 1 cm/5.5 * 0.39 inches   When you want to experience BDSM at a realistic price BDStyle Bondage Gear mission is to provide the best quality for the budget conscious. Whether you are after penis plugs or cock cages, there is a huge range for Chastity Players and Urethral Toy Experts. Even after some bondage leather wear – the vast stock allows plenty of choice. Check the entire range online now!!!