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Beaded Penis Plug

Your urethra is a powerhouse of nerve endings and when these nerve endings are stimulated, they bring deep and unique sensations.

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Product Description

Made of high-grade stainless steel for safe body use. Designed with bead shapes, it will feel like you’re having little waves going through your penis tunnel when you slowly insert it. With a diameter less than half an inch, it will already fill that mysterious tunnel.

Solid Beads Urethral Sounds Penis Plug

Material: Metal Color: Silver Net Weight:  7 g/0.01 lb/0.25 oz 12 g/0.03 lb/0.42 oz 21 g/0.05 lb/0.74 oz Size:  5.8 * 0.6 cm/2.3 * 0.23 inch 5.8 * 0.8 cm/2.3 * 0.31 inch 5.8 * 1.0 cm/2.3 * 0.39 inch