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Brooks Ball Sounding Plug

Brooks Ball Sounding Plug, Surgical Steel Hollow Urethral Sound Plug by BDStyle

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Product Description

The Brooks Ball Sounding Plug is 8 mm(0.31") in diameter with 11 balls , and insert length is about 14.5cm(5.7”) long. It is made out of 316LVM Surgical Steel and is hollow so that, it fluids can pass right through it. With a 10mm(0.4") ball on the top you will not lose your grip during those intimate moments.



A Brooks Ball Sounding Plug is a type of sex toy designed for urethral play, which involves inserting objects into the urethra of the penis. The Brooks Ball Sounding Plug typically consists of a smooth, tapered metal or silicone plug with a series of spherical balls or bumps along the length of the shaft.


The Brooks Ball Sounding Plug is inserted into the urethra and gently moved back and forth to create pleasurable sensations. It is important to use a lubricant and to insert the plug carefully and slowly to avoid injury or discomfort during use.



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