Prince Alberts Door Knocker Wand 8mm

Penis Wand

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Guys with penis piercings love to incorporate penis plugs as part of their cock jewelry and what better piece to display than with the sexy Prince Albert Wand With Door knocker.  The hollow centre of the plug make it great for extended wear and the pleasures derived from the ribbed shaft are second to none.  There is a screw in cap at one end that you just undo when you are ready to pee or cum.


The safety ring at the end ensure that you do not over insert and also will help in lining up your piercing.  When the plug is inserted marry the hole up to your piercing and screw the stem in.  the stem for this piece is 5/16" or 8mms in length once screwed in and 3mms in diameter, and has a ball that attaches the 32mm Glans Ring/Doorknocker.  This baby offers so much erotic stimulation that it will soon become the favorite and most used piece in your collection!

8mm Thinnest Diameter on the Shaft and 10mm Widest Diameter on the Shaft

Inner Glans Rings available in 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm.



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