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Wolf Whistle Cum Thru Penis Plug

BDStyle, Wolf Whistle Cum Thru Penis Plug, Sensually beads on this surgical steel plug make sounding a sensational experience, perfect for extended urethral play

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Product Description

You will not be crying Wolf when inserting this cum thru cock plug  but you may be crying out in delicious male ectasy and this baby is just the one to do it. Hollow for durable play, and allowing you to urinate and ejaculate through it.  Why not keep it in and feel the exquisite tight channel that your pee will dribble through leaving you  being satisfied.


Overall Length 65mm

Insertable Length 55mm

Diameter 6mm - 8mm


*  Please note this product is not a certified surgical steel grade product *


BDStyle is the choice for those people into a Bondage & Fetish lifestyle that want to experience new and exciting sensations.  Whether you wish to try male or female chastity they have the device to fit you.  Perhaps you are wanting to experience some urethral sounding with a great selection of penis plugs.  Always at an affordable price BDStyle Bondage Wear provides a variety of choices.