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BUTTR Fisting Butter 500ml

EDC Fisting Butter For Easy Fisting

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Product Description

We know, fisting is no longer a strange fetish out of the dirty corner. The perfect experience of Being Filled carries an incomparable, intense orgasm. It means completely trusting the sexual partner and indulging in a relaxed way of penetration. These days, when you simply want more, when you want to feel your partner deeply and want to express how much you want him, fisting becomes a storm of emotions with the slightest movement with the hand. You are quite relaxed in the here and now and yet shortly before exploding.

We also know that you have to be prepared for fisting. Sometimes it is a question of maturity and safety in one's own body or it is just a question of the correct lubricant. At BUTTR we understand the needs you have when fisting. We do not just want to offer you a cheesy product. We want you to be protected from injury and your intimate area treated with our cream, butter or gel. Discover for yourself which variant is best for you.

Qualities of fisting gel:

- For fisting, anal and vaginal penetration
- Extra thick and smooth
- Water soluble
- Perfume free
- Medically tested and certified
- Water-based
- Volume: 500 ml

Advantages of BUTTR:

- Eases penetration
- Protects against injuries
- Maintains mucous membrane and genital area
- Simple application
- Thicker than standard lubricant
- Safe for latex condoms and gloves
- Is suitable for silicone sex toys