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Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads
Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads
Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads
Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads

Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads

These therapy pads utilize low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate growth, circulation, and hormones for a natural and safe breast enhancement. Shop now.
Price 10.49EUR

Product Description

Experience advanced technology for natural breast enhancement with our Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads. These high-tech electronic pads utilize the principles of applied physics and low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate and massage the breast tissue, promoting blood circulation and enhancing the secretion of female hormones. Whether you're dealing with breast hypoplasia, atrophy, or drooping, these therapy pads offer an effective solution for revitalizing your breasts.

Key Features:

  • Scientifically Proven: Our Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads use a unique pulse frequency technique that adjusts endocrine levels, activates chest muscles, and improves blood circulation to the breast area.

  • Natural Enhancement: By stimulating prolactin release and encouraging growth in milk fat cells, these pads offer natural and non-invasive breast enlargement.

  • Safe and Side Effect-Free: Unlike hormonal treatments or surgical procedures, our therapy pads provide a risk-free method for achieving plump, firm, and naturally enhanced breasts.

  • Comfortable Design: The pads are designed to ensure comfort during use. With an outer diameter of 11.5cm and an inner diameter of 4cm, they offer a snug fit and easy application.

  • Customizable: These therapy pads require a power box and cables for operation, allowing you to customize the intensity and frequency of the electrical impulses according to your preference.

Empower yourself with an effective breast enhancement solution that harnesses the power of technology and physiology. Achieve the bust you desire in a safe, natural, and non-invasive way. Get our Breast Electronic Enlarger Therapy Pads today and embark on a journey to fuller, more confident you.

Function: Breast Physiotherapy
Color: Purple
Outside Diameter:11.5cm/4.6"
Inside Diameter: 4cm/1.6"
Power: Power Box and cables Sold Separately
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