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Black Tie Affair
Black Tie Affair

Black Tie Affair

Zero Tolerance Black Tie Affair, a revolutionary twist on the classic cock ring that brings pleasure and versatility to new heights! Classic Tie-Up Cock-Ring with Vibration
Price 48.99EUR

Product Description

This adjustable penis tie allows you to choose your desired diameter, ensuring a perfect fit for every intimate encounter. Not just for him, this tie features a textured pleasure platform adorned with stimulating nubs, enhancing her clitoral pleasure during your passionate play.

Experience the double orgasm pleasure ride as the powerful 10-speed bullet vibrator stimulates both partners simultaneously. With easy one-button control and 10 vibrating speeds and functions, you can customize your experience to suit your desires. The tie restricts blood flow, resulting in harder and longer-lasting erections for you to enjoy.

Crafted from creamy soft silicone, the tie and platform ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The durable ABS plastic bullet guarantees long-lasting use and delightful vibrations. This couple's toy is waterproof and submersible, enabling you to explore your underwater fantasies together.

Rechargeable via the included USB cable, the Zero Tolerance Black Tie Affair is ready to please whenever you desire. Illuminate your passion with the white LED light that signals its powerful operation. Free of phthalates and latex, this pleasure-inducing accessory guarantees safety and satisfaction. Experience the height of pleasure and passion with this adjustable vibrating couple's toy, a true Black Tie Affair to remember.

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