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Double Ended Flexible Balls Penis Plug

BDStyle, Double Ended Flexible Balls Penis Plug, Beaded End and Smooth Dual Ended Urethral Toy

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Product Description

Two sides are better than one! This unique double-ended urethral toy offers amazing and different sensations from both sides. Three pieces combined to make one somewhat intimidating toy for your boy. If you're into raising his heart rate from the very sight of a toy, then this is the one to bring the seductive fear into his eyes.

Approximate Measurement.   Solid Plug
Overall Length: 110mm Insertable Length: 93mm Width: 10mm
Cum-Thru   Ball Plug
Overall Length: 147mm Insertable Length: 115mm
Width: 8mm to 10mm
Non Cum-Thru  

Bondage, Dominance, Submission and Masochism or in short BDSM is an erotogenic practice which many people enjoy experiencing. Among those cravers, if you happen to be one of them, BDStyle Bondage Gear, is your one stop solution. Quality with diversity comes guaranteed for Urethral toy specialists and Chastity players.