Urethral Stretching Penis Plug

Penis Plug

Price 21.00EUR

Many people who are into insertion of plugs into the urethra find that they want just that little more.  This is where a penis plug enthusiast begins the journey into urethral stretching.  Each time stretching that opening a little more allowing your pee hole to dilate. This is the plug that you need if you're loking at urethral stretching.   This is a great starter for the experienced that want to try something a bit more challenging.


Material:stainless steel

Approximate Measurement Length: 13.5cm(5.3“) Insertable Length: 12cm(4.7") Head Width: 0.8cm(0.3") Body Width: 0.4cm(0.16) to 1cm(0.4")   Non Cum-Thru
This product looks beautiful and feels comfortable.  

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