Rosebuds Cockpin Skull

Penis Plug

Rosebud Jewelry
Price 62.93EUR

Unique urethral jewellery brought to you from France. This urethral sound made of stainless steel and skated bronze is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to sounding. This Urethra's jewelcan be painlessly inserted with a few drop of lubricant and results in this decorative piece being showcased by your manhood. Pleasure has never been so thoughtful.


Rosebuds is a brand of uniqueness. Crafting and creating never before seen sex toys they focus on a variety of kinks and fetishes. Made from high quality materials their products come in ranges such as jeweled penis plugs, anal toys, nipple toys and more. They have over 20 years of experience and their erotic body toys and body jewellery is well known in France and we are proud to bring that here. Handcrafted, this company has even paired up with Swarovski to create some truly magnificent and award winning designs.