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White Fox Tail with Pink Silicone Butt Plug

Who says that fox can't be sexy? With the White Fox Tail and Pink Silicone Plug, you can be cute and alluring at the same time!

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Product Description

The Fox Tail Pink Silicone Plug also has a white fox tail attached to the toy. This feature is why the toy is appealing. The tail is made of faux fur. This means that no animal has been harmed while creating this plug. Moreover, the fox tail is allergen-free, which reduces the risk of skin irritation as it brushes against your thighs.

White Fox Tail with Pink Silicone Butt Plug

3 Sizes - Small, Medium, Large

Small - 7cm x 2.8cm

Medium - 8cm x 3.4cm

Large - 9cm x 4cm

Tail Length - 30cm

Plug material - silicone

Tail material - Faux Fur

Plug colour - pink

Tail colour - White