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Sport Fucker Cum Stopper

Sport Fucker Cum Stopper Is Men Cock Ring With Plug, Made Of 100% Medical Grade Silicone, Designed To Take Your Cock Play to The Next Level

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Product Description

Now introducing the best Cum Stopper on the market that has been produly brought to you by the masters of male sex toys, Sport Fuckers. This is a toy that is bound to get your cock play to the next level- using the stretchy, 100% medical-grade silicone plug. It sits around the glans for a tightening experience, and a firm grip, with the urethral arm sitting down the entry way to the urethra for some sensual blocking and stimulation against the walls of the urethra.


Be aware that this is not the toy that will prevent you from ejaculation. But it wiill slow down your ejaculation, greatly intensifying your orgasm! The stretchy glans ring makes sure the Stopper stays in place allowing you use of your hands for whatever other stimulation you crave.



35 mm/1.25 inch (interior diameter of glans ring)

8 mm/.3 inch (Diameter of ball)

5 mm/.2 inch (Diameter of tubing)

25 mm/1 inch (Insertable depth)

Made for both cut and uncut cocks



Sport Fucker is one of those brands that are made for men, and by men. With sexual performance in mind as well as making you and your junk look classy and amazing, this company isn’t going to let your manhood down. With a range of toys specifically for men and male pleasure Sport Fucker is a renowned company within the queer community and known for its quality male sex toys.