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Erection Commander 10 Pack Multi Coloured

Cock Ring, Stretchy Cock Ring, Mens Cock Ring, Cock Ring Set, Silicone Cock Ring, Ball and Cock Toys, Erection Commander, Nanma Corporation

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Product Description

If you are looking at enhancing your love making sessions why not try the Erection Commander. It can also add a bit of fun to the bedroom. Cock Rings are designed to delay the blood flow through the penis which helps to provide the penis staying harder for longer and also giving more pleasure for the wearer.  Soft and Flexible Silicone is exactly what you want to be attached to your cock. You don’t want some uncomfortable hard material around your junk. The silicone is a quality and hygienic material that is nice and flexible and easy to pull over your favourite appendage.



Owing manufacturing houses in Hong Kong and China and possessing 35 years of experience, Nanma Corporation is one of the biggest names in the adult toy business. Their focus right from the outset has been to provide their clients, toys which are highly functional, effective, save for usage and also cost-effective.


They never paid attention to packaging. Rather quality in their products was always their primary concern.


There are thorough inspections of each of their adult toys. When producing them, the company also makes it a point to abide all laid down standards and conditions for safety in usage.


Nanma Corporation hosts a massive collection of vibrators and adult toys and each appears to be exclusive and exceptional in their own way.

Some of their popular Nanma sex toys include-Hold Tight, Big Boys, Jizzm, Little, Anal Revolution, Massive Man, Buckle Up, Crazy Performer, Hoodlum, Infinite Desire, Doll Lush etc.