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Sportfucker Cock Tube

Premium Silicone Firm Grip Three Openings Cock Pipe

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Product Description

If you love a firm grip on your shaft during the action?  The Cock Tube by Sport Fucker was designed just for you!  We’ve combined a cockring, shaft ring and ball tugger into one sleek package.  Made of high quality silicone with the perfect balance of stretch and hold, this bad boy features the following:

1½” cockring opening 1½” shaft ring opening 1¼” ball stretcher opening 1″ ball stretcher Get hard, stay hard, GO HARD!

Your next big adventure is here from Sport Fucker and the possibilities are almost endless with what you can do to your junk. This iconic brand that designs high end CBT for men and now has a line of underwear is very popular with the gay community and for mens sex toys. These toys and underwear are made by men, designed by men for men to use. High end materials will never let you down.