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A penis wand is exactly the same as a penis plug except when it goes over a certain length (generally over 100mm) it is called a wand. Used in the same manner as a plug it is inserted into the urethra where unbelievable sensations are experienced. It is not for everyone but if you get off on the feeling, the urethra being one with the most sensitive nerves in the body you can expect to fly higher sexually than ever before. (read more)
There are a variety of wands some solid some not that can be worn to masturbate or just wear. The best methods of masturbating in the urethra follows -
I got a penis wand, plug and Hegar Sound set from a short while ago. I was overpowered when the postman delivered them. I tore open the envelope and hauled out the dark case. And after that, I gradually uncovered the surgical steel urethral sounds.
I chose the best place to explore different avenues regarding them would be in the shower. I ran the shower with hard as I arranged all that I would need to widen my urethra. I comprehended the sounds needed to be cleaned, so used alcohol wipes to scrub them with whilst checking to make sure they were smooth with no burrs or loose metal (YOU MUST DO THIS EACH TIME. )
I got out my container of water lubricant up and got out the four millimeter dilator. I got into the shower and washed my hands. I took the sound and wiped it down with the alcohol again. I then spread lube all over the dilator's tip and squeezed it against my urethral tip. I gradually and gently inserted the sound inside my urethra. I set my hand against the back of my penis, so I could feel it slide in. The dilator went past my penis and behind my scrotum, going further and further into my urethra. The minute was so alive and extreme; I can't genuinely portray it in words it was like fireworks were going off inside my body and mind.
And after that it ran down my perineum, before hitting the side of my urethra where it transforms up at an edge to go into the bladder. I bend and turned the sound without much of any result, it would not go to the urethra. At first this was a failure, yet then I loosened up and felt the numerous nerves shiver profoundly inside my urethra.
It is difficult to clarify the sentiments of the nerves and feeling for one who has not encountered the exctasy of urethral dilation There is a sharp and exceptional sensation as every nerve is stirred surprisingly, and afterward it is as though they vibrate when they are rubbed against the sound.

I basically haul the dilator all through my urethra to fortify. I performed this for fifteen minutes the first run through, as the tissue can get to be sore because of its delicacy. When I had taken the sound out, I urinated into the water of my shower and discovered the force of pissing dulled it. In spite of the fact that it was the first run through of utilizing a sound within my urethra, it was not the first occasion when I had embedded an item inside. The principal was a cotton bud that I greased up and slid down into my urethra - I do not recommend it. As it is not made for this reason, the cotton bud is significantly more uncomfortable then the steel sound. At the point when the bud went in, it didn't even reach the end of my penis and I stroked off wildly. I came for several minutes and afterward acknowledged how effortlessly the plastic cotton bud could have scratched my delicate tissue. That is the reason I didn't jerk off when I utilized the sound.
Despite the fact that I must concede, I did after the involvement with the Hegar dilator. It was unique in relation to utilizing masturbation, as the nerves are still touchy. At the point when the sperm shoots forward up the urethra, I felt the nerves actuate as the liquid passed them. The tip of the urethra is the most fragile thus it was somewhat agonizing when I discharged. The second session with the Hegar sound was not specific not the same as the first and foremost, in spite of the fact that two things got to be more observable however. The main was the aggravation of the tissue, which I found could be diminished through pulling marginally on the frenulum, so the sound is more focal inside the urethra. The second is that the dilator has a tendency to move around if the penis is not held set up, and can even slide too profound into the urethra if the hand is taken off the sound. What I did to prevent this from happening was wrap surgical tape around the end, so it would be so vast it couldn't be possible fit inside the urethra. This is has far as I have got with urethral extending and I would like to keep The Body Modification Ezine overhauled on my advancement. I trust this article helps other people in their exploring different avenues regarding dilation. For those starting their excursion in urethral play, I would prompt performing the accompanying activity:
Look in an anatomical book under propagation or waste stool to discover a graph of the urethra. Study it painstakingly, so you can review it in your imagination. At that point essentially feel your urethra along penis, behind the scrotum and into the perineum, so you know precisely where the sound will go, before you embed it.

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