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Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit

Sport Fucker Cum Plug Kit Is Ideal For Beginner Anal Player Come With Hollow And Flexible Core, Made Of Super-Smooth Medical Grade Silicone

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Product Description

This is the perfect starting kit for men that are interested in experiencing the pleasures of sounding. They're everything that a beginner needs in order to become comfortable with this type of play and that is as a result of the hollow, and flexible core, a super smooth medical grade silicone that is both safe and flexible, and a large flange base for an easy grip. 


This is a kit that comes with two medical grade silicone sounds, one is slightly thicker than the other allowing you to practice, and progress up to a larger size when you're ready and comfortable. Alternatively you could use one on yourself and an interested friend at the same time.



Length: 5.1 cm. (2in.)

Internal hole: 2.25mm. (.1 in.)

Shaft: 4mm. (.16 in.)

Ridge 6.25mm. (.25 in.)

Flange: 15.35mm. (.6 in.)




Length: 5.1 cm. (2 in.)

Bump: 8mm. (.35 in.)

Center: 6.35 mm. (.25 in.)

Internal hole: 3.4mm. (.13 in.)

Flange: 15.35mm. (.6 in.)


Sport Fucker is one of those brands that are made for men, and by men. With sexual performance in mind as well as making you and your junk look classy and amazing, this company isn’t going to let your manhood down. With a range of toys specifically for men and male pleasure Sport Fucker is a renowned company within the queer community and known for its quality male sex toys.