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Nipple Physiotheraphy

BDStyle, E-Stimulation Nipple Physiotheraphy, Corded Nipple clamps with the capability to deliver electro stimulation, a perfect tool for nipple, tit and clamping torture

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Product Description

Nipple Physiotheraphy is an electro stimulation sex toy that provides e stim directly to the nipples via clamps. Don't be fooled though, you can use these clamps on anything that you can attach them to, allowing them to be incredibly versatile for labia, tit, nip, cock and ball clamping. Let your imagination run wild as you turn up the sparks with this nifty tool.


Power: CR2032 3V Cell Battery (Not included)


If you want to hold all the power in your hands, then youre going to also need to grab a  a compatible electro therapy power box. The box is not included with this item. A wonderful and unique item from BDStyle, that’s been designed to assist with exploring your kinks and deepest darkest desires. Whether you’re looking for hardcore kink and fetish gear, or something to break the ice to introduce it to your partner, BD Style will have your covered