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Letsgasm Silicone Handcuffs

Silicone fun cuffs are a fun solution for experimenting with restraint play made from medical grade silicone they are strong but not hard.

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Product Description

Letsgasm Silicone Handcuffs

Our silicone fun cuffs are a fun solution for experimenting with restraint! The inner diameter of the cuffs is somewhat narrow and the cuffs are slightly stretchy. Simply use a bit of effort to put your victim's wrists through the openings, and the cuffs will stay secured on their own. 1 piece medical grade silicone construction - these are surprisingly strong and the chain area will not break without applying extreme effort. These will double as ankle cuffs and are even more secure when applied to the ankles Ultra comfortable unlike metal cuffs - you or your partner can wear these comfortably for hours!   Function: Bondage Sex Toy Color: Black/Purple/Pink Size: 27 * 8 cm/10.6" * 3.2" Cuff Dia: 6 cm/2.4" Net Weight: 92 g/0.15 lb/2.33 oz Power: No Material: Silicone Package: OPP Bag Further: Non-toxic Material