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Electro Cock Expander Ring

Electric Penis Rings Physical Therapy Electro Stimulation Enlargement Extender

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Product Description

The Cock Expander Ring is an electro therapy toy designed to increase male sexual performance. This little bad boy straps around the base of the cock and delivers electro stimulation to enhance blood flow and provide stronger erections. The clamping of the ring also holds the erection in place so that you can be in peak performance mode. The pulses will also contract the surrounding muscles and provide a much more itnense orgasm than usual, meaning that you'll be soon having some of the best sex of your life! Experience the power of electro play today.


Cock Expander Rngs
Function: Penis Expander
Voltage:DC 3V
Battery: AAA x 2 ?1.5V?  (Not Included)
Pulse Power:MAX 100V / 20mA
Pulse Frequency:2-100Hz